The Lab-Med Ltd Opmaster 508 has been designed to provide a theatre quality table that meets the extensive demands of the busiest Day Surgery Units.  The Opmaster 508 offers excellent access for the surgeon, ease of use for nursing staff, a 225kg patient capacity, exceptional height range, lateral tilt (non-lateral tilt option available) and to the complete this high quality specification pressure relief mattresses are standard providing excellent patient comfort.  The Opmaster 508 offers versatility, mobility and reliability.

Manual General Day Surgery Table




Table Length

2030 mm

Table Width (over mattresses)

600 mm

Table Width (over cot sides)

710 mm

Table Height (with Lateral Tilt)

700 - 1135 mm (top of mattress)

Table Height (without Lateral Tilt)

660 - 1095 mm (top of mattress)


225 kg (34st) (patient prone)


180 kg

Table Adjustments

Head Section

-30° to +30° (detachable)

Back Section

0° to +60°


0° to -25°

Reverse Trendelenberg

0° to -15°

Foot Section

0° to -100° detachable)

Lateral Tilt (Optional)

-15° to +15° left and right

Standard Features

Drop down and detachable cot side rails

Euro accessory rails to trunk and back sections

Push/pull grab handle at head end

Lightweight, adjustable & removable foot section

IV Pole socket and stowage

Braking controls at head end

Four castor braking and selectable directional locking

Oxygen cylinder stowage (PD size)

X-ray cassette tunnel & translucent table top

Perinea cut-out

Optional Features

Padded cot side covers

Push/pull grab handle at foot end

Oxygen cylinder stowage (D size)

150mm diameter castors

Stowage basket/box

Braking controls at foot end